Lizzo Looking for Her Own Hemsworth: 'Not Messing With Miley's Man'

“The Juice” singer might change her relationship status Down Under
Lizzo attends American Express' NYC Pride Kickoff Event on June 26, 2019
Photo credit Dia Dipasupil / Staff

The talk turned to relationships and ex-boyfriends for Lizzo during an interview with Australian show The Project.

“I love Geminis, I think they’re great people,” Lizzo says of a past relationship. “I just don’t think oil and water really mix. I think the next time a Gemini comes into my life, in any kind of romantic space, I’m just gonna have a few questions off top before I go any further.”

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When host Carrie Bickmore noted there’s “a lot of great Geminis Down Under," Lizzo turned her attention to something stronger than signs.

“I’mma find a Hemsworth cousin” she said as Bickmore laughed. “I’m gonna find the Hemsworth younger brother and see what’s up.”

Bickmore mentioned that Liam Hemsworth is back on the market, after the actor announced his split with Miley Cyrus over the weekend. “Oh I’m not messing with Miley’s man,” she added. “I need my own Hemsworth.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Lizzo talks about how she first found the flute saying, “I didn’t pick the flute man the flute chose me.”

“I was in music class like every other fifth grader and the band director said, ‘who do you think should be a flute player,’ and the lady who taught us flute she chose me. I just happen to be really good at it.”

Lizzo was last seen rocking that flute with Megan Thee Stallion on Instagram, with hints of a possible collaboration coming. "Lizzo is my girl, and we're both from Texas. I love Lizzo," Megan said in an interview with ET, citing that the video is just practice for something coming our way.

"I already know. And I just can't wait for y'all to hear it. It's amazing already," she added. "Just two Texas girls and we just had a really good time."