EXCLUSIVE: Louis Tomlinson Dishes on His Comfort Food and Drink

The singer answers fan questions about his eating habits

Louis Tomlinson isn’t a complicated person, at least if you’re judging him by his tastes in food and drink.

The singer-songwriter may be an international pop star, but if you take him to a bar and restaurant, he’s not diving very deep into the menu. That’s what we learned during the third round of our “Ask Me Anything” segment with the 27-year-old.

“Laurie” asked Louie what his alcoholic beverage of choice was, not including beer, and it turned out to be a pretty easy question for the “We Made It” singer to answer.

“Vodka Red Bull. That’s it,” he said. “I’m not quite picky with drinks. I don’t really like much else other than Vodka Red Bull. You can’t really go wrong. Rocket fuel.”

So what’s the perfect food pairing for Vodka Red Bull?

“I got a terrible diet, so in terms of if I could eat one thing every day, I’d probably say a double cheeseburger,” Tomlinson said in answer to another question.

He was also asked whether he prefers his chips with ketchup or mayonnaise, and whether he puts condiments on the top or on the side. Hear his answer in the video above.

Tomlinson’s debut solo album Walls is due out on January 31st with a world tour to follow.

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