EXCLUSIVE: Louis Tomlinson Says This Actor Should Play Him in a Movie

The singer answers your questions about celebrities

Louis Tomlinson has been dropping singles one after the other as the buildup to his debut solo album intensifies, but he still found time to have a heart to heart with fans.

In our exclusive “ask me anything” segment, the One Direction star took hard-hitting questions about celebrities from his dedicated Louies. One of our favorites was from “Monica,” who asked which 1D member he would like to tattoo.

“I’d tattoo Niall... because he hasn’t gotten any tattoos,” Louis quickly answered. “There’s a lyric in one of his new songs about tattoos, so maybe I’ll tattoo that lyric on him.”

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While on the hot seat, Louis also told us which actor he would want to play him in a movie, and whether he was a Messi or a Ronaldo guy. But it was a question from “Alma” that yielded Tomlinson’s most detailed response. She asked about the one thing he would ask one celebrity.

“On the Amy Winehouse documentary they talk about her level for detail in how she writes and when something would happen to her on a day, she would know on her phone or however what she was wearing, what the weather was, what she could see, what she could smell,” Tomlinson said. “And I find that a really interesting take on writing. So I’d probably like to just chat with her about writing.”

Tomlinson’s highly-anticipated LP Walls is due out January 31st. You can catch him on his world tour beginning March 9th in Barcelona, before he hits the U.S. starting June 9th in Minneapolis.

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