EXCLUSIVE: Madison Beer Excited to Show Another Side on 'Very Honest' Song 'Selfish'

Plus the singer shares advice for Valentine’s Day

Madison Beer is back serving up another preview of her upcoming album, shining through on the emotional ballad, “Selfish.”

“It’s the single I’m actually most excited for, to be honest with you,” Beer tells RADIO.COM. “I’m so ready to have this vulnerable side of me out in the world. I feel like it’s been a long time I’ve been pushing this narrative of – badass, I hate my ex I’m doing my thing, I’m a cool girl – it’s time to wipe that away a little bit and show the real me. The nerdy, sad, lonely girl inside.”

After the empowering wordplay of “Good in Goodbye,” this song is striking because it’s so bare and emotional. Beer has shared before that her upcoming album will be revealing, not afraid to explore the dark parts of her struggles. On “Selfish” she lets her guard down and proves to be just as powerful a performer when she’s wounded as when she’s dishing out strong anthems.

“That’s the part to me that I’m so excited to show because I think that a lot of people misjudge me and misunderstand me because of the narrative I’ve pushed in my music so much,” she adds. “I’m only 20 years old, I’m a very emotional girl, I’m a Pisces so, filled with tears all the time. I just think it’s really important to show that side. Especially as an artist.”

“I’m excited to get that vulnerability out there. This is a very honest, very emotional song for me. I can’t even listen to it without sobbing.”

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“Selfish” arrives everywhere on Valentine’s Day, and Madison Beer has some advice for others that have recently been through heartbreak. “It’s easy to get yourself into the spiral of misery. It’s more important to pull yourself out and be like, ‘what do the next few years look like for me now that this person is out of my life?’ Think about all the things that were negative and why it’s positive for you to be moving on in a better way.”

“Go through it. Go through the emotions. Emotions are beautiful. Enjoy life, but know how to pull yourself out.”

For more from Madison Beer, check out our full exclusive interview above.

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