'Manic' Is Here: Inside Halsey's Most Revealing New Track

The confessional album ends with a big exclamation mark

Halsey’s third album, Manic, has officially arrived. The singer’s first album since 2017 is here, offering a revealing look into the heart and mind of one of the world’s biggest Pop stars. Over sixteen tracks, Halsey tries on several different styles, feeling at home in each one as she lets us in through confessional storytelling and an emotional ride through her past.

From the very beginning, Manic was always set to be something different. The vulnerable and victorious “Without Me” kicked off 2019 with a trip to number one, solidifying what fans had know for years, that Halsey was an ever-evolving force in the world of music. Letting people into her life in a new way, the song became the gateway for what her third album would become.

"It was exhilarating and made me want to go write more music that came from that same candid place," she told RADIO.COM last year. "Ultimately, everything just seems so conversational. Almost like I'm just sitting here talking to you about what's been on my mind. It feels like a moment in time which is really special."

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It’s a thread that runs through all of Manic, with the star offering not just a glimpse into her life, but a full exploration of past mistakes and current emotions. Already fans are highlighting the closing track “929” as the best example of this, with Halsey sharing candid details about the state of things.

“They said don't meet your heroes, they're all f****** weirdos, and God knows that they were right,” she admits on the song named after her birthday. “Because nobody loves you, they just try to f*** you then put you on a feature on the B-Side.”

Tumultuous past relationships and current struggles get examined on the final song from Manic, with Halsey detailing personal fan interactions and her own self-confidence battle.

“And I remember the names of every single kid I've met, but I forget half the people who I've gotten in bed,” she sings. “I've stared at the sky in Milwaukee and hoped that my father would finally call me. And it's just these things that I'm thinking for hours, and I'm picking my hair out in clumps in the shower.”

A longtime advocate for mental health, Halsey continues by sharing her own story, and struggles with self-esteem and anxiety. It’s a portrait painted from real life, and a bold new chapter for one of the most exciting artists around.

Manic is now available everywhere.

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