Meet the Voice Behind Mastercard's 'Merry Go Round'

Getting to know Nadine Randle
Nadine Randle, the voice behind Mastercard's "Merry Go Round"

Last week Mastercard made history by releasing their first single.

“Merry Go Round” is a “priceless” Pop song featuring the soaring and dynamic voice of Nadine Randle, a Swedish singing sensation who lends her talents to the company for this project.

"My key note is always passion and finding yourself, your self-truth, honesty," Randle tells RADIO.COM about what drew her to the project. The song is more than just a release for Mastercard, but an extension of their identity into a new space.

"I always believe in, as long as you're being true to yourself and authentic in both good and bad, people connect with that. Passion is something that is sort of a universal language and passionate people in the music industry usually connect with other people, because we all feel that the driving mechanisms of us as people is feeling a connection with each other. So it was very much in line with what I believe in as well."

Before this release with Mastercard, Nadine has had quite a career in Sweden, jumping genres from EDM to R&B, hitting number one in the country.

"To be fair, this song is sort of a new beginning for me in a lot of ways," Nadine shares. "I truly believe that this crossed my path in the right time in my life and 'Merry Go Round' is very much just about finding yourself and reevaluating what's important in your life, and this song is very much like a fresh new start of material that I'm going to be putting out in the future so I'm really proud of it."

You can hear "Merry Go Round" above, and much from our talk with Nadine Randle below.

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