Miley Cyrus Covered Billie Eilish's 'My Future' and It's Everything

It's everything we wanted

For those of us still not over Miley Cyrus singing and swinging her heart out on a disco wrecking ball this past weekend at the MTV VMAs, we suggest you take a seat.

Miley isn’t quite finished, look she warned us that She Is Coming, and as if we needed the reminder, she officially let us know that, “SHE IS HERE.” First, with the release of “Midnight Sky” and it’s seductively sparkly music video, next with her VMA performance (that still has us reeling). And now with a jazzy cover of Billie Eilish’s newest single, “my future." Miley vamped things up in a performance for BBC Radio 1, check out her take on the track below. You’re welcome.

Oh and that’s not all, the party loving pop princess didn’t stop there, bringing her disco ball bash to a neighborhood near you, well... if you live in LA.

Miley took to social telling her fans to, "come ride my (disco) balls!” Accompanied by a slideshow of video clips, the lady mullet rocking songstress is seen singing her latest single while casually straddling and sprawling on a giant disco ball, surrounded by an abundance of smaller ones.

Oh and we’re super jelly, but guess who peeped the truck and hopped on for a magical disco ride? Kourtney Kardashian and her bff of the moment TikTok’s very own Addison Rae. The two got all twinned up and fabulous to strike a pose for some #content.

We're going to go ahead and practice the act of manifestation by putting this next request into the universe. We vote that Miley's disco truck (with the hopes it gets frequently and properly sanitized of course) makes it's way across the US and miraculously ends up in our driveway. Your turn universe.

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