Miley Cyrus Honoring Her Grandmother Who Died This Weekend With Special Charity Shirts

Celebrating the life of Mammie

Miley Cyrus is honoring the memory of her late grandmother by offering up t-shirts immortalizing the family matriarch with a stroke of cartoon candor and pop culture flavor.

“In honor of my Mammies funeral #Mammie4Evr limited tees are up on” Miley tweeted out, Monday. She promises to donate a portion of profits to a Tennessee community group meant to help children stay in school. The organization is a tribute to Loretta Finely’s preschool teaching career and college graduation at 70-years-old.

“Mammie,” as Cyrus affectionately called her, was a fan favorite, many times accompanying the 27-year-old Pop star to red carpet events while sporting an enlarged pair of fierce transition shades. It’s that image of Loretta throwing up a peace sign that christens the shirt’s front side. The back displays a rallying cry “MAMMIE 4EVR.”

Over the weekend, Miley shared emotional tributes to her grandmother on Instagram. “Even though you are gone.... NOTHING has or ever will change. You will FOREVER be my inspiration and fashion icon,” the caption reads. “Even more than that, the ultimate model of being a true LIGHT in a dark world. You are sunshine.”

Another tribute captured the moment Mammie and Miley cooked with Snoop Dogg and unknowingly helped the trio get, shall we say, baked. “She never knew we snuck weed in them... I will miss you and your good cookin’ so much.”

Miley is set to continue a time honored pop tradition, performing at the MTV Video Music Awards, August 30, for a fifth time. She’ll perform her brand-new single, "Midnight Sky." Make sure to follow RADIO.COM on all social media to can catch VMA highlights and reactions.

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