MMMBaby: Taylor Hanson Announces His 7th Child Is on the Way

It’s a party of nine for the Hansons

From “MMMBop” to baby bump, Taylor Hanson and his wife Natalie are expecting their seventh child, making the announcement on Instagram on Tuesday, September 15.

“The best kind of unexpected,” Taylor captioned a photo of the happy couple, “Number seven coming this December #2020.”

The pair married in 2002 and now reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma with their (for now) brood of six, Jordan Ezra, 17; Penelope Anne, 15; River Samuel, 14; Viggo Moriah, 11, Wilhelmina "Willa" Jane, 7, and Claude Indiana Emmanuel, 2.

Taylor and his former bandmates and actual brothers also come from a family of seven. Youngest brother Zac Hanson, has four children with wife Kathryn Tucker, while the eldest Isaac Hanson and his wife Nicole Dufresne have three.

It’s clearly evident the Hanson’s have had plenty of practice when it comes to naming children. Speaking of naming children a couple of Hanson-in-laws started a business to help you name yours. No, we’re not kidding, expecting mother Natalie and sister-in-law Kate, offer baby naming services with Modern Moniker, “born out of our love of people and names.”

As per the company’s website Natalie and Kate express that they “think of your child’s name as the first gift you give them, and as a way to stamp the love and hope you have for them on their life.” And knowing, “that choosing your child’s name is a deeply personal experience,” they feel “honored to play a role in such a special time in our client’s lives.”

While Modern Moniker might not be everyone’s cup of tea, we can appreciate the hustle. Congratulations are in order to the expecting parents, and seeing as mommy’s a professional baby name, we can’t wait to find out what this little one’s name will be.

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