Monsta X Launches 'Live From Seoul With Love,' the Most Comprehensive Live Stream Yet

Monbebes get ready

The K-pop sensation, Monsta X, has officially taken live stream concerts to a whole new level. With live stream events popping up left and right, artists have become increasingly crafty when it comes to engaging fans. Now, we are saying goodbye to the days of paired-down, living room performances and making way for heavily pre-produced theatrical content that entices fans to pay for the experience, as they would a concert.

Monday the boy band announced that they will be offering an immersive new way to stream their new “global concert,” on a pay-per-view basis. In partnership with LiveXLive, Monsta X will not only offer viewers a unique performance but will also offer docu-series style, behind-the-scenes footage of the making of Live From Seoul With Love.

Based on premium-tiered pricing, fans will have the option to attend virtual meet-and-greets, get access to exclusive Monsta X merchandise, and be involved with various other VIP opportunities.

So buckle up Monbebes, the boys are putting together a virtual event that is almost as good as being surrounded by your fellow K-Pop stans in the GA section at a live event. You may not be able to reach out and touch the hand of Jooheon or feel the sweat of the crowd, but this is a pretty sweet deal considering this uncertain time.

Monsta X shared that they felt this opportunity to stream this never before seen footage would allow Monbebes around the world to connect globally. “We miss everyone so much and since we couldn’t tour this year, we want to give you the opportunity to see us live and spend a few hours together," they shared in a statement. "This is our message to the world, we are all one, and this is the time for Monbebe and people from all over the world to join us live at the same time, and bring new energy to the world.”

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