Nessa Barrett has struck perfect chemistry on 'la di die' with contributions from jxdn and Travis Barker

The 18-year-old TikTok star turned recording artist tells about the making of her brand new single

You may know Nessa Barrett from her explosive following on TikTok, but now the viral sensation turned pop star is here with her brand new song, “la di die” with some massive contributions from Travis Barker and jxdn.

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As the singer sat down with RADIO.COM’s Kevan Kenney to discuss working with Barker and jxdn, her new life in Los Angeles, and what she has planned for her future, the 18-year-old tells us that she’s only been in Los Angeles for seven months. She started using TikTok in high school and things began blowing up quickly for the New Jersey native.

Barrett has always had a passion for music, recording her first song at just four years old. The artist tells us she had always dreamt of making it to LA as well in order to pursue singing and songwriting.

Nessa takes us through the making of her newest track and tells us how Jaden and Travis got involved. Barrett and Jaden are personal friends, and when the two were trying to figure out what her next release would be she says, “it was kind of that moment, where like you haven’t really realized how good of a song it was and like the potential that it had… so we all listened to it and we were like ‘this will be cool!’”

Once deciding on “la di die” for her next release Barrett and her team felt including a feature on the track would take the song to the next level. Immediately, Nessa pushed for Jaden, saying “he is like one of my best friends, he is in that vibe… and like we always go to the same studio together.”

The singer tells us that she and Jaden share a lot of organic chemistry together and when officially asked to be the feature on “la di die” jxdn recorded his verse on the same day.

Enter Travis Barker. The famed Blink-182 drummer got involved with the production of Nessa’s song after she and her team felt like the track need a little extra magic. Between Barker’s relationship with jxdn and “la di die” having been in production since October of last year Nessa shares, “we were coming around the corner to our release and we felt like it still didn’t have that extra touch that it needed, so it was just like one phone call to Travis and he was down, and literally like gave the song life.”

Check out Nessa’s full interview above. “la di die” is out everywhere now.

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