Normani shares why she was empowered working with a pregnant Cardi B for ‘Wild Side’ video

Plus the 'Motivation' singer shared her dream collab, leaving us itching for more new music
By , Audacy

Joining Aneesh, Jeana, and Karla of Audacy’s The Morning MessNormani filled us in on the inspiration behind her latest single, “Wild Side,” and shared what else is on the horizon in terms of a forthcoming project.

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With a love of the late 90s, early 2000s, and anything Aaliyah, Normani tells us that the “Back & Forth” singer is one of her “greatest influences,” as she makes music.

The artist’s “Wild Side” single came with a music video upon its release. Filled with intricate and incredibly hot choreography, inspiring viral dance challenges across TikTok. When asked about how it felt to see her dance emulated by fans across the video-sharing platform the “Motivation” singer shared, “to me that’s what culture is.”

She continued, “I love to create moments and visuals that remind me of when I was a little girl running to the television and watching a Michael Jackson video, or watching Ciara, or a Janet video. Music really does bring people together, and I feel like releasing and putting this project out…you know it had been two years, which was very scary for me. But, the response was just very warm. And it made me confident.”

With Cardi B, featured in the “Wild Side” video, Normani spoke about what it was like working alongside the rap queen, who is pregnant with her second child. The former Fifth Harmony member explained, “I’m such a girl’s girl and I’m always about female empowerment and it just made me feel empowered like she looked hot as hell… we can really do it all and I just always am like, ‘we’re so powerful!’”

Looking ahead to the future of her new music, Normani tells us that her current dream collaboration would be working on a record with Doja Cat. “I think that she is really really dope, and visually speaking as well, I think that she gets it.”

The songstress tells us that the reason she released “Wild Side,” as such a sexually charged record, is because “there is a such a double standard… I deserve to embrace my sexuality, and feel sexy, and talk my s*** just like men do, which is why I wanted Cardi on this record.”

However, if working with Doja, Normani says she wants to do something “aggressive and fun, and something that we can dance to because she can really move.”

While she can’t tell us all the details, Normani hints that new music is “coming soon,” highlighting the fact that “new records are coming before the end of the year!”

Check out Normani’s full interview above.

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