Olivia Rodrigo reveals she got Ray-Bans, candy, and a shoe horn from Joe Biden at the White House

'The White House is just the coolest place. I was so nervous to go'
Olivia Rodrigo
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During her visit to the Jimmy Kimmel Live! stage on Tuesday (Oct. 26), singer Olivia Rodrigo discussed her recent trip to the White House, meeting President Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci, and even some of the -- let's just say memorable -- gifts she received.

Olivia made the trip to Washington D.C. over the summer to help spread the word to young people about getting the COVID-19 vaccine, and the entire experience was nothing short of impressive for the 18-year-old songwriter.

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“The White House is just the coolest place. I was so nervous to go,” Rodrigo told Jimmy. “But I, like, walked in there, and there is like all these plates that, like, George Washington used to eat his dinner on, and all of this crazy stuff. I was like, scared I was going to sneeze and break a priceless artifact. It was crazy. But I walked out, didn't break anything. Thank god.”

"It was such an honor to go to support a cause that I am so passionate about. Everyone was just so kind," she gushed.

Back in July when the meeting occurred, President Biden thanked Rodrigo for her time in an Instagram post showing them both wearing the aviator shades that have become one of his signature looks. Kimmel, however, wondered if Olivia had brought her own Ray-Bans to the meeting, but she explained that they were just one of many gifts she walked away with that day.

“He gave them to me, actually,” Rodrigo told Kimmel. “He gave me a few gifts. He gave me those. He gave me some M&Ms, and he also gave me a shoehorn, which is strange.”

“Well, if you ever thought Joe Biden was too old to be president. Now we know he is,” Kimmel joked. “He is giving out shoehorns.” Although, Olivia was sure to clarify that she was unaware of the odd offering as it was part of a gift bag she was given during her visit -- and we're not 100% sure if Biden actually packs those himself.

While on with Kimmel, Rodrigo also performed a stirring rendition of her current single "traitor" surrounded by a field of flowers, which you can watch right here.

"Every song is so personal and close to my heart," Olivia shared on social media when her debut record SOUR hit shelves in May of 2021. "Getting to share them with people is the most special thing I’ve ever done in my life." Check out all of our favorite lyrics from the release now.

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