RADIO.COM LIVE Check In: Laura Marano’s ‘You’ EP is here and 'it's moody, it's intense, it's emotional'

'It’s a journey from whimsical to moody and dark…back to whimsical'

Singer and songwriter, Laura Marano has just dropped her new You EP which is a follow-up to her last EP entitled ME. Marano caught up with Kevan Kenney for a RADIO.COM LIVE Check-In to take us inside inside her new music. “My baby is now out there for everyone to hear,” Marano shares with anxious excitement. The artist jumps headfirst into the deepest depths of the EP in order to share some special details with us.

The new seven-track EP, not only serves as a continuation of the journey Laura was exploring on her ME EP but also stands alone to represent Marano’s honest and vulnerable sides. As Marano puts it, “it's moody, it's intense, it's emotional.”

Laura bases how she creates and releases music on her acting experience. The singer got her start on the hit Disney Channel TV series Austin & Ally. “I do feel like in some ways, whether it’s my acting background or just my inclination to tell stories or want to be a part of storytelling, that I think it affects my songwriting in a really really big way,” explains the “Something to Believe In” singer.

In terms of working through her own creative process, Marano tells us that often she has to work through writing some of the “bad songs” before she can find the true potential and meaning of a song.

Marano also speaks to artists that have inspired her own work and touches upon Taylor Swift’s Folklore and shares, “my music is a facet of me, my music is what I want to put out, so I think there’s a lot of artists that put out different facets of themselves… I even feel like Taylor Swift for Folklore this year, that was a different part of herself that she’s definitely shown before in other songs… but never kind of in a whole cohesive work like Folklore.” 

Laura sums up the overall mood of the new EP and says, “it’s a journey from whimsical to moody and dark… back to whimsical. That’s kind of how I see the EP and how I kind of structured it.”

The You EP is out everywhere and Laura is ready for you to dive in to her latest body of work. Check out the full interview above.

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