RADIO.COM LIVE Check In With Selena Gomez and BLACKPINK: 'Ice Cream' Is the Main Course

We deserve this treat

Selena Gomez and BLACKPINK checked in with RADIO.COM to chat about their super sweet and successful collab “Ice Cream.”

“This is such a crazy feeling,” Selena said starting things off. Of course she’s referring to the sugary track’s skyrocket to success in such a short amount of time.

Selena first met BLACKPINK, well actually only two out of four ladies (Jisoo and Rosé) at New York Fashion Week in 2019, and sometime between then and now they came together and sprinkled us with “Ice Cream.”

For Selena, “it was so much fun to step into a whole other world” when working on the track she told RADIO.COM's Julia. Further expressing that, “the girls are so great and I’m so happy to be a part of the journey of this kind of music, and also for them to come in America and just, you know, f*** s*** up.” Selena!

The ladies were tickled PINK by SelGo’s remarks and shared just how “honored” they feel to have worked with her, admitting to being “big fans” of hers now, but also while growing up. Who wasn’t lol, who still isn’t?

Next the ladies went on to discuss how it all came together. As a group they said they had the song for “a while,” with Jennie adding that they knew they wanted “to bring something new” to the track with a feature. Unanimously they all thought of Selena and after reaching out, as we all know now, their ice cream dreams churned into reality.

Okay so lets talk about those visuals, Selena knew that the music video would be amazing just based on BLACKPINK’s previous work, as well as experiencing their “insane work ethic.” Even with current limitations and not being able to film together, all the ladies agreed that they were “so happy” with the end result. Rosé even adding how “proud” she was of having “pushed through” those obstacles, and we’d have to say we exceedingly concur, that video is an actual depiction of our candyland dreams.

The ladies also shared which of each other’s songs they love and bump to the most, and planned what they could do to celebrate when they can finally meet in person. Jennie suggested Selena cook for them, Selena suggested spending New Years with them (jokingly of course, travel ban and all). BLACKPINK also spoke about all they have coming up, including the release of their debut album, The Album, set to drop in less then a month, as well as their upcoming Netflix documentary.

For all that and so much more check out the entire interview above.

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