What you need to know about Fenty Skin, Rihanna's vegan skincare products

RiRi's collection is coming

Just three years after launching Fenty Beauty, Rihanna is gearing up to expand into skincare products with the release of Fenty Skin this Friday.

“My skincare journey has been quite complex... some parts of my face are oily, some are dry, fatigue from travel, plus I have super sensitive skin, and chile now being in my 30s?!!” The singer tweeted out ahead of the debut of Fenty Skin.

“Making @fentyskin was a challenge to cover all bases and thinking of the many skin types that are out there! But y’all know I love a good challenge,” Rihanna added.

In a more extensive video detailing the making of her skincare line, Rihanna said, “Fenty Skin is my vision of the new culture of skincare. I wanted to create amazing products that really work, that are easy to use, and everyone can apply it. I wanted it to feel approachable, easy, and to take the pressure off choosing a routine, so I created one for everyone.”

All Fenty Skin products are made from clean, vegan, gluten-free, and oil-free formulas. Most items range from $25-$30 and looks like they will come in a wide-variety of products.

Rihanna’s Fenty Skin line will be all-inclusive and will also have products available for men. "That's right baby... @fentyskin is for my fellas too! No matter who you are, you deserve to have great skin!" She captioned an Instagram post alongside A$AP Rocky.

You can sign up on Fenty Skin’s website to get an early look at what products will be available on the July 31 release.

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