Selena Gomez Overcomes All and Gets Real on 'Rare'

The singer’s first album in 5 years has arrived

It’s not common to have a definitive narrative through a Pop album, a single line that runs through it all without wavering. There’s almost always a detour, a collaboration that takes a left turn or a big swing for a hit single. It’s unusual for one of the biggest stars in the world to come back after years away, and deliver a complete project, vulnerable and raw with one objective in mind. To overcome.

In a word, it’s Rare.

Selena Gomez returns with her first album since 2015, and it plays like a mission statement. No matter what heartbreak she’s been through, she has overcome it all and emerged as a beautiful better version of herself, excited to dance again and get to know the real Selena. We were warned about this style of self-love, presenting itself in the emotional lead single “Lose You To Love Me,” and the companion dancer “Look At Her Now,” but Rare arrives as a fully-formed idea with its best moments left to be discovered.

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Rare is a healing experience and also an evolution, at times stopping down to reminisce on the pain of the past, and elsewhere flexing her newfound confidence in self-assured bops. She also tours a large sonic landscape along the way, with French EDM, Middle Eastern beats, classic 60s Pop swagger, and alt R&B each providing the canvas for Gomez to spill out her journey. The constant is Selena's commitment to moving forward, playing out in every corner of her dynamic and passionate voice.

“It feels good to be back, and I’m grateful that I had time for myself and get to be a part of other things while I was out of the light,” Gomez told RADIO.COM earlier this year, diving into some of the emotions of her lead single and her new album. “I wanted it to be a declaration of where I am, and hopefully for other people who have experienced what I’ve experienced, just to know that feeling is valid,” she adds. “Hopefully they can feel peace about that.”

More than validated, Gomez is victorious on Rare, overcoming all that’s been thrown at her in the past few years, and standing tall, ready to dance again.

Rare is now available everywhere.

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