Shakira's Wagging Tongue Was the Real Super Bowl Winner


Shakira’s wagging tongue stole the show at the Super Bowl and quickly got the meme treatment. But there’s actually a story behind the seemingly odd gesture.

While Super Bowl LIV has come to a close, fans can’t help but think back on the killer halftime performances by Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and some of their special guests. One moment stands out in particular; Shakira looked right into the camera and wagged her tongue for fans.

And while the moment has quickly earned its spot among the ranks of top memes, there may be a sentimental reason behind the gesture. The 43-year-old pop star, whose father is Labanese, was actually performing a traditional Arabic celebration chant called a zaghrouta, Newsweek reports.

Twitter users were quick to point out the chant, with many shocked to have seen her perform the gesture on camera and angered to see the gesture getting the meme treatment. “Shakira’s Lebanese side snapped today,” one user writes.

Another user wrote, “It’s Shakira’s birthday and she can yell out a zaghrouta if she wants to!”

Still, the moment continues to circulate on Twitter, with fans pulling out their best gags to accompany gifs of Shakira’s wagging tongue.

“The turkey who gets pardoned on Thanksgiving,” one user captioned the gif.

“When I ask my 2-year-old if he’s ready for bed,” another user wrote alongside the image.

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