Sydney Sweeney Comes to Life in Halsey's 'Graveyard' Video

A colorful new clip from the singer debuted on Tuesday

“Let your imagination run wild,” Halsey said in a tweet, announcing the arrival of her new video for “Graveyard.”

Once again the singer is drawing from experience in the new clip, and this time actually drawing rather than painting. While in her bedroom, Halsey’s picture of a young woman comes to life and the two, well, “run wild.”

Her imaginary "friend" in “Graveyard” is Sydney Sweeney, the 22-year-old actress from Everything Sucks!, The Haidmaid’s Tale, and HBO’s Euphoria. Together they take on a colorful amusement park, bright and bursting with fun as the two hold hands and run from ride to ride. They smile and stare into each other, until Halsey goes where she can not, into the cold blue of an aquarium. In a flash of light Sweeney disappears, and Halsey wakes up with all the color drained from her world.

The video is actually the second for “Graveyard,” with the first being a time-lapsed video used to announce the singer's upcoming third album, Manic. It arrives on January 17, and is her first LP since 2017.

“Graveyard” is one of three songs we’ve heard so far of the new era, along with lead single “Nightmare,” and “Clementine” which was released last week. The latter came with a sweet video featuring Halsey’s brother, taking place in a very familiar aquarium.

Earlier this year, Halsey hit number one for the first time as a solo artist with the stand alone single “Without Me,” announcing a new powerful part of her career. In May, she explained to RADIO.COM that she found inspiration in the journey that the honesty of that song set her on. "It was exhilarating and made me want to go write more music that came from that same candid place," she said. "Ultimately, everything just seems so conversational. Almost like I'm just sitting here talking to you about what's been on my mind. It feels like a moment in time which is really special."

The video for “Graveyard” is directed by Anton Tammi.

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