Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande Secretly Giving Fans Cash to Help During Coronavirus Closures

Above and beyond

The coronavirus crisis has had a huge impact on workers across the country, with over 3 million people filing for unemployment over the last week. With many businesses closed in the interest of social distancing, some have had their paycheck disappear with no real end in sight.

Both Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande have seen it first hand, with fans being forced into difficult situations because of closures around the country. But as people have vocalized their struggle, both artists have reportedly been quick to offer support.

Samantha Jacobson shared that she was unable to donate to the causes that Swift was promoting earlier this week, as the “You Need To Calm Down” singer shared links to Feeding America and the World Health Organization. Jacobson explained that she was recently unemployed because of the pandemic, and Taylor followed up with a private message.

"Samantha, I saw your tweet about being stressed about bills piling up and I want to help," Taylor wrote to Jacobson privately on Wednesday.  "What's the best way I can gift you $3000?  Do you have PayPal?"

Swift came through, dropping 3,000 in Jacobson’s account.

According to TMZ, Ariana Grande has also been quietly sliding support to fans, sending them money via Venmo. As fans have detailed their financial struggles, Grande has been connecting for cash donations of $500 to $1500.

The site reports at least 10 times that the “thank u, next” singer has reached out to help, focusing on those that are out of work during this crisis, specifically in the retail industry.

Both Swift and Grande have been vocal about everyone taking this situation seriously, with both artists asking fans early on to stay inside for the sake of everyone’s health.

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