Surf Mesa's Mom became a BTS fan waiting to hear him on the radio

He's been making music since middle school

Riding the success of his worldwide hit song "ILY" featuring Emilee, Seattle-native Surf Mesa sat down with RADIO.COM's Bennett from 96.5 in Philadelphia to fill us in on his newfound success, and how his life has completely changed since the release of his first single.

Powell Adderley is now a Los Angeles resident and living life to its fullest since dropping “ILY.” Powell’s track quickly saw popularity thanks to TikTok and it’s viral nature. The song was used in 760,000 videos and received over 1 billion views.

Now Surf Mesa is hearing his song everywhere. He shares that his mom listens to the radio just to hear his song play. “Back at home my mom listens to the radio a lot, she’s heard it twice now, and both times she called me after like crying,” Adderley sweetly shares. Plus he tells us since listening to the radio so frequently, his mom has become a big BTS stan. Welcome to the ARMY Mama Mesa.

However, Powell has yet to hear his own song on the radio. After his car was stolen in Los Angeles several months ago, he has not been able to experience “ILY” over the airwaves. The car, named "Susan" was Adderley’s first car in high school.

Surf Mesa comes from a musically-inclined family, so it was only natural for the young artist to break into the industry. However, the producer shares that he initially wanted to get into the real estate business. Additionally, Powell was going to attend college for computer science, but after breaking his leg, he did not leave for college in order to recover. During his recovery time, he made his first EP Bedroom and from there, his musical success began to take off.

As a kid Surf Mesa always “fantasized” about making dance music, and now his “new norm” is completely centered around putting his own unique twist on dance music. Post-pandemic, Surf Mesa is ready to release a whole bunch of new music during live performances.

For much more, check out the full interview with Surf Mesa above.

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