Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots Announces Wife's Pregnancy On-Stage

See Jenna join him for the big reveal
Jenna Black, Tyler Joseph. Warner Music Group Hosts Annual Grammy Celebration held at Milk Studios.
Jenna and Tyler Joseph Photo credit © Admedia, Inc

Tyler Joseph made a show-stopping announcement during Twenty One Pilots’ appearance at Lollapalooza Berlin over the weekend.

“I want to pause this show for just a second; I want to bring a couple people out on stage,” Joseph told the crowd before his wife appeared.

“This is my wife. Her name is Jenna,” he continued. “I know I said I’m bringing a couple people on-stage, and that’s two.”

As the screams grew louder, Joseph knelt down in front of Jenna and kissed her small baby bump before the two walked off-stage hand-in-hand.

This will be the first child for Tyler and Jenna, who got married in 2015.

The Berlin gig marked the last festival of the season for Twenty One Pilots, but the “Jumpsuit” band will only be taking a month off before getting back on-stage in the U.S. They have 19 more dates lined up starting on October 9 in Tampa.

Earlier this year, Joseph stripped down some of Twenty One Pilots’ biggest songs for an exclusive RADIO.COM Storyteller performance. He told us it was a liberating experience to revisit the tracks in the way they were written.

“When I was first uncovering them or discovering them, they were very fragile and almost like a little scared animal that you don’t want to scare away when you’re trying to feed it,” Joseph explained.

Watch the complete performance below.