Justin Bieber reveals how sessions with Shawn Mendes and marriage to Hailey helped shape 'Justice'

'Being able to enjoy this process has been everything for me...'

Justice marks the next chapter in Justin Bieber’s career as his sixth studio album represents one of his most personal yet.

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Now, as Justin delves into conversation with RADIO.COM’s Julia, that artist tells us all about the making of his new album in his own words.

Since the release of the single “Holy,” Bieber has set fans up for an album filled with heeling sentiments. On Instagram, when the artist announced the arrival of Justice he wrote, “In a time when there’s so much wrong with this broken planet we all crave healing and justice for humanity. In creating this album my goal is to make music that will provide comfort, to make songs that people can relate to and connect to so they feel less alone.”

Just as Bieber hopes for his fans, he tells us that he feels “great” since the debut of the new record. Living life with set intentions, this body of work represents a space in which the singer feels comfortable and settled. On his last project, he tells us that he was still trying to navigate his own emotions and life as a newlywed.

Now he and Haley Bieber are “blending” their lives together. Justin explains, “that’s just a challenging process, and so as that process became easier to, you know, predict, I think having that predictability changed my ability to just function at a more healthy level I think.”

Throughout the pandemic, it’s been easier for Justin to have access to the studio while not being bound by a stringent tour schedule. While he hasn’t been able to tour with music from his 2020 album, Changes, the artist figured he’d seize the extra time to create more music. “I didn’t really have an ability to perform the last album so I’m like ‘well, what I could do in the meantime is I could make some more music and just see what happens’” explains Justin.

As live shows and tour dates are slowly starting to trickle back while vaccine rates increase across the United States Bieber tells us, “I just can’t wait to perform for people in the same room. That’s going to be nice!”

Right now, there are a handful of tentative tour dates on the schedule that Bieber glimmers about as he explains that live shows are in the works.

When the “Hold On” singer discusses reapproaching touring he notes, “Touring can definitely be grueling.” He continues, “and I think the same way I was able to kind of set boundaries for this project, and be able to prioritize time with my wife, and just time that I’m not working and kind of be off the grid, I think as long as I can do that throughout this tour,” then the singer assumes that life back on the road won’t feel as all-consuming.

Throughout his journey with discovering parameters, Justin also found that faith has helped shape his self-worth. He tells us, “as far as my confidence and being able to be confident throughout this process it’s just kind of been like how I view my relationship with God and my faith has played an enormous part in my confidence level and my ability to continue to put my heart on the line and be vulnerable and face people not liking it…”

In terms of the title of his freshly debuted album, the singer zeroed in on a name that felt all-encompassing and current for the times, while also holding a few different meanings for the singer.

“There is a lot of injustice going on in this world as we speak… I just wanted to keep that conversation going of ‘what does it look like to be part of the solution of a problem?’”

Justin also adds, “my name actually means 'Justice' in Latin as a translation, so that was another reason.” Plus he shares, “I always like to pick these really powerful themes for each one of my projects, whether its 'Purpose,' or 'Changes,' just something that’s really going to connect with people and make them take a second and just ask themselves these kinds of important questions of what that looks like, 'Justice,' 'Purpose,' those things.”

Bieber also touches on some of the many collaborations that are featured on Justice. From decidedly feeling that Skrillex is a “tastemaker” to choosing to feature The Kid LAROI on “Unstable” because he appreciates the fact that LAROI is able to translate his life struggles into his music, Bieber has woven together a project where he has found common ground with other artists that listeners will be able to connect to as well.

On The Kid LAROI Justin also makes sure to share, “when he sings there is a level of pain there that I think people can feel…that translates to people who are also going through pain, and so it was just such an honor to have him on that song.”

Amidst features from amazing artists like KhalidDominic Fike, and Daniel Caesar, Justin still has a long list of people he’d still like to collaborate with. “There’s a lot of female artists that I love right now. I love H.E.R., I love Jhené Aiko, I love SZA, I love Kacey Musgraves... I’m just excited to see what doors open,” Bieber remarks.

Sonically on Justice, Bieber goes through various new sounds and experiments with finding his rhythm around 80s-inspired synth, to heavy ballads, to touches of R&B. The superstar says that the various sounds displayed across the record came together serendipitously. “I love music that moves my emotions and whatever sonically that is, it’s kind of okay with me,” muses Justin.

Reflectively Bieber adds, “I really love Frank Sinatra and that kind of vibe would be fun to kind of try to maybe see if I would sound good singing that kind of music, I don’t know it would be an interesting kind of thing.”

Justin also tells us about how his track “Peaches” came together and how the summery bop took form. While hanging out with Shawn Mendes, Bieber wrote an upbeat hook amid a collaborative session. After playing it on the piano, setting it to words, and sharing on snippet on his Instagram, one of Bieber’s producer friends spun it into an actual song.

The making of “Peaches” was euphoric for Justin. He says, “being so present…being able to enjoy this process has been everything for me because I’ve looked back at different album cycles…and not seeing everything for what it really was, and I was just distracted and hurting and I couldn’t experience joy because I was experiencing so much pain.”

He concludes, “Being able to be in pain for the people that are hurting in my life, but also being able to be present in the things that I’m enjoying and the things that I believe God put me on this Earth to do has been really rewarding.”

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