Alec Benjamin Answers Fan Questions and Performs During FANDEMIC Instagram Live Q&A

Hear the story behind his newest song

On Thursday, Alec Benjamin joined RADIO.COM on Instagram Live, answering your questions and performing during our special FANDEMIC session.

Benjamin took to the piano for an intimate version of “Oh My God,” and even shared a song that he wrote the night before.

“It’s about the coronavirus,” he explained, before picking up the guitar for something new. “You know how they keep saying six feet apart? So I wrote a song called ‘Six Feet Apart.’”

Reading the lyrics to the freshly penned tune, Benjamin sang, “I miss you most at six feet apart, when you’re right outside my window but can’t ride inside my car.”

“I miss your smile, it feels like miles, six feet apart.”

“I’m not gonna lie to you. I was lonely. And not to meet people in person – I was on a dating app – to meet people just to talk to,” Alec says of the song’s inspiration. “I met someone that I thought was very cool, and I was like, ‘oh it would be tight if we could spend time together.’ And then I was like, ‘oh man, but we can’t.’ What a bummer. So close but so far away.”

If you’re wondering, yes, Benjamin did send the song to his dating app match. A smooth move, that’s now available for the world to hear.

You can check out the full FANDEMIC Instagram Live video above, and follow along with RADIO.COM on Instagram for more sessions coming soon.

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