WATCH: Doja Cat drops hints about a potential ‘Alone’ remix

The 'Planet Her' songstress joined us backstage at 'We Can Survive' 2021
By , Audacy

As Doja Cat stepped onto the We Can Survive carpet, the first thing the Planet Her Queen told us, was that she was so excited for the show…she basically didn’t sleep.

Speaking with Audacy’s Julia and Bru, Doja touched upon how she has literally taken the world by storm. From hosting Instagram live sessions to hosting the VMAs, there’s nowhere the “Woman” hasn’t been.

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However, when she finally gets to take a moment to herself the artist admitted that all she wants to do is “swim in a pool.” She joked that she is ready to luxuriate in her home swimming pool for “hours and hours until my skin becomes disgusting.”

While she has been waiting to hit the pool, Doja tells us that she’s popping out new tracks all the time. Completely deadpan, she shared, “I made a song about sandwiches the other day.”

But most importantly, the “Need To Know” singer’s agenda is filled with shooting days for new music videos. Subtly, Doja hinted that she will start filming in the next weeks.

With Planet Her out in the universe, having resonated with so many fans, Doja told us that as of now, “Alone,” is the track that has stuck with her the most. She added, “I feel like I should keep it a surprise…I remixed ‘Alone’ in a way. It’s like I changed the genre of it. I guess I don’t have to tell anybody what style it is, but I did that the other day…it’s nice. We’re working on it.”

Since the release of Doja’s sophomore studio album, the artist has shared that she intends to take a step back from features now. “It feels good to focus on what I want to do next, stylistically and it’s cool to just take your time,” explained the Tarzana, California native.

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