FANDEMIC: MONSTA X Are Set For Their First Online Concert, and They’re Ready For a VMA, Too

Check out an exclusive talk with the group

K-pop juggernaut MONSTA X joined RADIO.COM across five time-zones for a special FANDEMIC Q&A with host Kevan Kenney this week.

ShownuMinhyukKihyunHyungwonJoohoney and I.M. checked in from Seoul, telling us how they've been spending their days under quarantine, how they’re preparing for their next epic livestream, and discuss some fond memories from their start in 2014 to today.

MONSTA X’s is set to stream their once-in-a-lifetime Live From Seoul with LUV concert via LiveXLive this weekend, starting Saturday, August 8 at 11PM ET / August 9 at 12PM KST. It’s a ticketed event with plenty of options for keeping your wallet as thick or thin as you’d like – packages start at $20.00 and go up to $150.00 with merch bundles and VIP access being offered.

“Since it’s our first online concert, it’s unusual to us,” says I.M., who is also pulling double duty as translator for the rest of the guys. “It’s kind of like a different way to express our performance. So, we’re trying to prepare a lot of things about the show.”

An obvious challenge for a group used to performing in front of thousands of screaming fans, going online-only has to come with a special set of frustrations, but all of the members agree that a concert of any type is always exciting – for themselves and certainly for their #Monbebe base.

Always a fun portion of the FANDEMIC series, Kevan gathered up some fan questions from around the globe. One fan wanted to know what each of the members, who create and produce their own music, look forward to when writing and completing an album.

For I.M., it’s the reaction he gets from everyone. “That’s my biggest excitement.”

As for Minhyuk, he admits getting excited about hearing how his voice sounds on the tracks, and Joohoney always looks forward to creating and filming their music videos. It’s all about personal accomplishments paired with the overall success of the group that keeps things interesting.

Achievements are aplenty for the group, but the one thing they are all hyper-focused on in the moment, is getting back in front of their fans. Speaking for everyone in the room, I.M. says the members “want to have a world tour. We really want to go to the states like before, but unfortunately we can’t right now.”

From getting their start in 2014 on the South Korean reality television show No.Mercy to unparalleled worldwide stardom in 2020, another fan wanted to know if there were any unique memories the members can share.

“It’s really hard to count what was good and what was bad,” I.M. explains after taking the temperature of the room. “We think every memory is kind of like a treasure to us. This time is very precious to me,” I.M. continues. “Having an interview with you, answering all the questions that the fans sent us. That’s a good time to us too.”

Jumping right in, Joohoney says it’s being on tour that gives him the most joy while Minhyuk admits it was the group’s first win that he’ll always fondly remember.

Finally, congratulations are in order. MONSTA X were nominated again this year for Best K-pop at the MTV Video Music Awards, this time for their massive hit “Someone’s Someone.”

“We didn’t expect it,” I.M. admits. “We’re just really grateful and thankful. I hope we can get the trophy.”

Watch the full Q&A with MONSTA X above to find out which of their songs each member of the group loves the most and more, plus stay tuned to RADIO.COM/Live for even more exclusive interviews and performances from your favorite artists.

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