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The songstress fills us in on her brand new double release and the duality of her next project
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The summer of 2021 has been filled with new releases for Alessia Cara, and now, just after the arrival of her latest tracks, “Sweet Dream” and “Shapeshifter,” the singer sat down with Audacy’s Julia to speak about this new age of Alessia and what fans can expect upon the arrival of her next project.

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Cara’s single, “Sweet Dream,” focuses on her period of dealing with insomnia. She says that when she was going through it, oftentimes she felt like “the only person on this Earth that is awake like it feels like everyone else knows how to do life except for me.”

For Alessia, putting out the song “Sweet Dream” wasn’t meant to find a solution to her struggles, but rather a means to connect with other people out there who understand her.

The “Scars to Your Beautiful” singer tells us that she chose to launch a double release to represent her next album because, “when I was looking at this project as a whole, I kind of realized that there were two sorts of stories happening at the same time.”

She continues, “there was like the before and the after, like where I was at in the beginning of 2020 and the last couple of years, versus where I am now or where I want to be. ‘Sweet Dream’ kind of represents the beginning path…where I was feeling really stuck and really lost… Insomnia has been such a huge part of my life, especially in the last year.”

However, Cara’s second single, “Shapeshifter” represents “the more sophisticated, witty, light-hearted, side… even though it’s not about the happiest thing, I feel like there’s like an acceptance of that situation.”

The songstress tells us that “Shapeshifter” embodies the second half of this year, where healing has occurred for her and she has been able to feel more confident.

Throughout her musical career, Alessia has often aimed to make mental health a focal point of her lyrics.

The singer explains, “I think people should be candid about it in music, but in conversation, and every day. I feel like it’s one of those things where… we feel like our mental health is not as important or tangible as physical health… When it comes to something that’s more invisible, like our minds or our emotional health… it’s taboo almost.”

Watch Alessia Cara’s full interview above and check out her two new singles, “Sweet Dream” and “Shapeshifter,” below.

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