Audacy Check In: Ava Max and the 'very personal situation' behind 'Maybe You’re The Problem'

If you don't, then 'Maybe You’re The Problem'
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After 410+ million global streams and 53+ million video views for her latest single “The Motto” with Tiesto, which also reached #1 at US Dance Radio, Ava Max is back with a brand new single, “Maybe You’re The Problem,” and she checked in with Audacy to talk all about it.

LISTEN NOW: Ava Max talks with Bru about "Maybe You're The Problem"

Chatting with Bru about her raucous rock influenced track, Ava offered up the meaning behind the track with the bratty title. Written last October, during a time when she was admittedly going through “a very personal situation.” Ava revealed the song was written about a particular someone, which is something she never thought she’d do.

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The inspiration for "Maybe You’re The Problem,” is a direct reflection of her new album, which she defines as “very vulnerable” and “completely different than my last album.” Which is why she chose it to be the first single, as it “sets the tone of everything else,” though she did reveal "Maybe You're The
Problem,” will not be the album’s title.

Speaking of the new album, for it, Ava has taken a page from the popstar re-branding playbook and completely switched up her look (RIP the Maxcut), now rocking brand-new cherry-red locks. Discussing the album’s tone, Ava shared the vibe will be “heartbreak on a dance floor, you’re gonna be crying and dancing at the same time.”

"One song is 90s house, one’s Pop, one song is a little disco with Pop y’know it has different genres… I wanted each song to be a little different, so if you don’t like one song you’re gonna like the other."

To work on the latest sure to be hit, Ava enlisted a group of heavy-hitters including Cirkut, who’s worked with Rihanna, Britney, and Miley (who also produced the track with Jonas Jeberg). As well as Sean Douglas, responsible for Dua, Demi and Selena hits and more.

Sharing about the writing process Ava said, “first of all I love them, they’re my friends,” of working with Cirkut, Sean and Jonas. Recalling that that morning they all got together to work she “was so annoyed with a particular person, and I heard the beat.” Recalling that while in the booth listening she instantaneously started coming up with melodies and lyrics… "and it freaked me out.”

As soon as she finished, everyone, blown away, insisted on hearing it back, hyped and excited. Not on their level of excitement yet, Ava was confused, recalling she said, “what are you talking about? I was just screaming 'maybe you’re the problem' into the microphone.” But then they finished the track and Ava agreed, “and now it’s the first single!”

As for who the track is about, Ava assured us, they know who they are, “they heard it and they kinda understood.” And with the title alone we would have too.

For Ava success wasn’t an overnight thing, though most think it was with the release of “Sweet but Psycho.” As Ava revealed she actually, “got signed a few years before that, and it was kinda like a boot camp almost, I just wrote hundreds of songs and then I released 'Sweet but Psycho.'”

Defining the time as a “growing period,” and a time to “learn who I was as an artist,” but before that Ava spent ten years just trying to get to that point. “No one wanted to sign a fourteen year-old girl, who sang Mariah Carey songs.” Not interested in giving up, and despite sounding cliché, Ava stressed the importance of never giving up, as well as the importance of putting in the work. “I never partied or drank for a very long time, like I just focused, and I think a lot of people see me now like going out with my friends, but even now… I’m not gonna stay out super late… like that’s just not how you get s*** done.”

Wanting to be as real with her fans as possible, Ava offered up, “I’m always working at the end of the day, like I’m always doing something towards my goals. And I think that’s number one, because manifestation is one thing, but with no work, it’s not gonna work.”

Revealing to Bru she’s looking forward to touring once her album comes out, a date for which she would not disclose, Ava did share the song she’s most excited to perform live for her fans is most definitely her brand new single, “Maybe You’re The Problem,” which you can listen to on repeat below.

For more of what Ava had to say about working with top producers, blocking out the haters, her passion for interior design and more, plus a quick game of Ava to the Max or Ava to the Nah (Bru’s invention) — check out the full interview above.

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