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Bazzi's 'I Like That' is out everywhere, now
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Sitting down with Audacy’s JuliaBazzi joined us on the heels of the debut of his latest single, “I Like That,” and shared details about the making of the new track. Plus, he lets us in on what we can expect next.

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The artist dives right in and tells us,“‘I Like That’ is the start of series or a bunch of new music where I’m trying new things and I’m challenging myself sonically, and making new rhythms.”

He continues, “It was kind of a testimony to coming back, just this new gratitude coming into music again and coming back into this world as it opens up again."

Working alongside famed music producer, Kevin White, who helped Bazzi produce “Beautiful,” the artist says, “anything I’ve ever put out, I’ve worked on it with him. So at this point, it’s like when we’re in the studio it’s like being one person.”

Bazzi explains that the music video for “I Like That” is all about “this frequency touching people and bringing some brightness into their day.” He says that the music video is a visual representation of how he wants his new track to make people feel.

In 2020, the GRAMMY-nominated artist released a handful of singles, such as “CRAZY,” “I Don’t Think I’m Okay,” and more. However, even with the slew of 2020 singles, Bazzi has not released a feature-length album since the debut of his sophomore record, Soul Searching.

Not revealing too much, the “Paradise” singer says that his next body of work will be centered around a certain theme, just like his first two albums. He tells, “it is the most simplified, while also the most covering at the same time. If that makes any sense.”

Watch Bazzi’s full interview above.

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