Audacy Check In: CRAVITY reflects on their creative process and hints at what’s coming next

Watch our Audacy Check In with CRAVITY

Following the release of their brand new album, In Our CosmosCRAVITY stopped by our studios for an Audacy Check to talk about new music and give a behind-the-scenes look at everything that went into it’s creation.

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The new project includes eight songs that showcase the 9-person group’s remarkable talents from rapping and songwriting to dancing and bi-lingual lyrics. With a group their size, the guys say it’s fun to play with such a wide-range of possibilities.

“There are times where we write together and then times where we write separately — like when we have different verses, for example,” the group told Audacy’s Mike Adam. “We give each other positive feedback.”

In Our Comos is a product of their talent, teamwork and drive and while the group is excited to share newer music with their fans, they already have their sights on what’s coming next.

“We had one song that we want to [include] on the next album, maybe?”

“Top secret!” they laughed. “We had a song that we all really liked. It’s pretty upbeat, bright kind of sound. Our fans would really love it when it’s out, I’m pretty sure. We really wish to show it to them for the next album.”

Fresh album out and they’ve already got us excited for the next! Check out all the details about new music, their musical inspirations and some of their best dance moves by checking out our Check In with CRAVITY above.

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