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'PSYCHO' is out everywhere now!
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With Dixie D’Amelio’s latest single, “PSYCHO” dropping today, the TikTok sensation turned all-out social media mogul sat down with Audacy’s Julia to fill us in on her new song and share her experiences as she has delved headfirst into making Pop music.

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Now entering into a music career, D’Amelio has dropped her last name and will release music simply as “Dixie.” She tells Julia, “I felt like for music it would be cool to just have my first name. No one really has my name and is doing music… I was like let's switch it up a little bit.”

The TikTok/YouTube star says that she has had elements of music in her life since the age of three. “It’s just always been a part of my life and my journey,” says the “Roommates” singer. Once taking off on social media, Dixie says she “immediately started recording and trying to figure out how I can make music a part of my life again.”

Working with singer-songwriter, Olivia O’Brien, Dixie gushes, “I love Olivia. She’s so sweet… I’ve loved her forever so getting to work with her is just so cool.”

The 19-year-old also revealed that she was a huge One Direction fan growing up, so when she got to collaborate with Liam Payne, all of her childhood dreams came true.

Having co-written “PSYCHO,” the artist exclaimed, “I’m just excited! It’s for me, it tells a fun story, and I feel like people are going to like it.”

Taking what she has seen from friend’s relationships and people she sees online, Dixie crafted the story for “PSYCHO.” The singer says she enjoys “fun” stories that include a dark twist, and her single is filled with visually charged lyrics that allude to sweet moments with a sinister angle.

Aside from creating music and dominating the social media landscape, Dixie also co-hosts the 2 CHIX podcast (available here on Auadacy) alongside her sister, Charli D’Amelio. Dixie notes that her favorite part of doing the podcast is the quality time she gets with her sister. The two spend a lot of time together, but their podcast gives them a moment to truly speak to one another in-depth.

Watch Dixie’s full interview above.

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