Doja Cat’s ‘Planet Her’ will be a place where all 'races of space can exist'

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As we’re all gearing up to blast off to Planet Her this summer, Doja Cat spoke with Audacy’s Julia, and while attempting to recreate her banana-inspired makeup look, Doja talked to us about what it was like collaborating with SZA  on “Kiss Me More” and what other delights we can expect from her upcoming third studio album.

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Immediately, the “Say So” singer gushed about SZA, telling us, “she’s such a sweetheart… I feel like I’ve known her my whole life. When I started speaking to her… we clicked really fast.” Doja emphatically adds, “It was one of those freaky moments because I don’t have a ton of friends anyway, but she’s definitely one of those people where I feel comfortable around her.”

The rapper, who was born and raised in Los Angeles, says that when she was in the process of creating “Kiss Me More” she always had SZA in her heart. From the beginning, the artist always felt that “this would make no sense to not have her on this song… and then she just went crazy it was the most beautiful thing in the world.” In Doja’s opinion, SZA’s voice on a Pop-centric track is a “chef’s kiss” moment.

In terms of first impressions when playing “Kiss Me More,” the artist who was born, Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, says that she wanted the new bop to be “a happy song that felt like edgy a little bit. You know, obviously, the first line of my first verse is a little crazy… I wanted that contrast and that irony of like me rapping really hard on top of a very happy beat, to kind of pick people up and make them excited and want to dance.”

On a more interstellar note, Doja is planning to transport us to a whole new world on her album, Planet Her, which is arriving very “soon.” The “Streets” singer says that the name of the upcoming record was a really moment where she was “just trying to be cute. It’s not a planet for women.”

Doja continues, “so basically ‘Planet Her’ is the center of the universe, and it's where all races of space exist and its where all species can kind of be in harmony there. That’s kind of the lore.”

While not only being a harmonious place for all living beings, Planet Her will also be chock-full of collaborations from artists across the board. While Doja can’t spill any details yet, one can assume that after a feature from SZA on the lead single, the upcoming collaborations will satiate our stratospheric expectations.

Before Doja was well on her way to a third studio album or attending the GRAMMYs, the singer transformed her love for art and dance into an entire musical career. In the beginning, she would seal herself off in her bedroom and just start singing quietly, but tells us, “I wanted to make music, but didn’t believe that I could.”

Eventually, she started recording herself singing, and found that she enjoyed the process and “liked the physicality of it.” Being able to discover what she could and couldn’t do was something she found rewarding, particularly when she excelled at something new.

In just a year and a half, Doja’s career has exploded thanks impart to her number one single, “Say So.” The cultural impact that the track has had has acted as a springboard for the singer who now, says she knows what she wants and knows how to make it happen. Plus, she explains, “I feel like we’re doing that with this album, so I’m overjoyed.”

Watch Doja Cat’s full interview above.

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