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So guess what? You know that bratty break-up song “abcdefu” that pretty much everyone has been obsessed with all Fall/Winter? Of course you do, well do you know who sings it? If not — let us make the introduction. Her name is GAYLE and she checked in with Audacy to chat all about her angsty debut single and more.

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Being in Radio, Julia admitted she knew the song was gonna be a smash. But the moment when it went from being a thought to reality happened recently. Telling GAYLE, she was recently driving around, and at a red light she noticed the two cars on either side of her we’re blasting “abcdefu.”

As for GAYLE, the success of the track has been harder to grasp. Still finding it hard to believe that her song is not only on the radio, but people are streaming it of their own regard, GAYLE admitted, “Honestly, I don’t think I’ve emotionally processed it at all… I literally can’t comprehend people using or listening to my song, it’s just so crazy to me.”

That said, GAYLE revealed that “about two months ago,” she did have that OMG moment, when she allowed herself be still, happy, and take in her success with the song. As something she’s been dreaming of “since she was literally 7,” she realized that everything she had wished for “was kinda happening, or at least starting to kind of lean in a positive direction .”

“abcdefu” is a kiss-off anthem to an ex, that many have been comparing to having similar vibes as Olivia Rodrigo’s “good 4 u.” Speaking of GAYLE shared that Rodrigo actually slid in her DMs. With some questioning both songs with, “who’s more specific? Who’s angrier, who’s catchier?” GAYLE, reveled that while the comparison isn’t lost on her, she was happy that her and Rodrigo got to have that moment of “just the two of us coming together — I support what you do, we can both be great in our own ways… we are in this together we are not against each other and let’s just do some f***ing great things.”

This last year alone, at just 17 years old, the Dallas, Texas native (currently based in Nashville) signed a deal with major label Atlantic Records, but what has her particularly hype is the fact that her songs popularity will ultimately lead to a Kidz Bop cover. Recalling she auditioned for for the family-friendly cover group “so many times.”

While she’s beyond ecstatic about the success “abcdefu,” has brought her, as GAYLE put it “it’s just one song.” Knowing that she has “more to say and more things to do after that,” her goal for next year is to make sure everything is “as good as what’s already happened.” Something tells us she’ll figure it out.

For all that and more check out GAYLE’s full Check In interview above.

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