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The band explains that their 9th mini album, 'Attacca,' is fueled by pure passion
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Shortly after the release of their latest music video for “Rock with you,” the beloved boy band, SEVENTEEN, joined Audacy’s Julia to answer all the fan questions, share behind the scenes details about the making of the “Rock with you” music video, and share updates about what’s next on their musical agenda.

Blowing up on TikTok with the “#Rockwithyouchallange” the group has been basking in the success of their most recent mini-album drop, Attacca. This is SEVENTEEN’s ninth mini album following the release of their prior 2021 release, Your Choice.

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Amidst the group, the band’s consensus was that their favorite song from the new mini album is currently “Rock with you.” However, Mingyu shared that “2 MINUS 1” is his top pick at the moment.

S.COUPS explains that “Rock with you” is such a special track because, “when you listen to it, it expresses SEVENTEEN in the best way. So it just feels like a match made in heaven.” He also adds that the best part of making Attacca has been “being able to perform to that track (and album.)”

DK chimed in, sharing, “Attacca is also an album that revolves around a theme of passion. While we prepared and recorded the album, we were passionate to express that ‘passion.’”

When asked how the band goes about choosing their themes and concepts for new records S.COUPS explains, “We discuss with ourselves the most. And we discuss the messages we want to deliver through our music. We think about the color of music, the message, and the energy we want to share.”

“That’s how we came up with the album title, Attacca, and focus track “Rock with you” this time around as well. When you listen to the track, if you feel your heart flutter and feel that passion to move forward that means our message was delivered to you correctly.”

Check out SEVENTEEN’s full interview above!

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