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'I feel very nervous and very excited, and I feel like there’s a whole new chapter in my career as an artist'
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Latin-pop superstar Shakira joins Audacy host Julia today following the release of her brand new single “Don’t Wait Up” to fill us in on her new song and what she has planned for her 2021 era.

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Along with the release of her new mid-summer party track, Shakira has launched the new #DayToNight viral challenge, where participants dance to the new song and show off their day-to-night look, once again bringing fans into her own unique universe.

“During the pandemic we were all so isolated and it was so hard to be in the recording studio with other collaborators, that I was craving it,” Shakira explains. “As soon as it was safer to travel and for me to be with other people in the studio, amazing things started to happen, like this song. It was just pure magic… it was just incredible the chemistry between us. We had a song in less than a day; it just came up in the most organic way.”

“But you know, I feel like this is a song that I was looking for for a while,” she adds. “I was imagining this song inside of me, I think it was already being conceived in so many ways. I wanted something very EDM-y, very electronic, very nostalgic about the ‘90s… and this is it! I can’t be happier.”

Shakira has kept busy with her Spanish-language tracks and having children over the past few years, and this is the singer’s first English language single since her 2020 collaboration with the Black Eyed Peas on “Girl Like Me.” “This is, in a way, a comeback,” she admits. “I feel very nervous and very excited, and I feel like there’s a whole new chapter in my career as an artist and as a creator that is opening up to me right now.”

“I feel like I’m renewed as a singer; I feel like I’m a much better singer now than maybe ten or twenty years ago, I don’t know. I listen to old records and I’m like, ‘why do I have fans?’ And now I feel that I’ve matured as a singer, very accomplished but very curious still about what I can do and about what I can’t do. I feel at the threshold of many great things happening and very inspired, full of ideas… I can’t stop making songs right now.”

“You know, I’m not very prolific,” Shakira says with a smile, “This is something that happens every so often. It’s not like, every day I’m in the studio. I have two kids, I have other things in my life – but right now, everything I want to do is make music and the kind of music I’m making right now is unexpected even to me.” Touching back on the way that Shakira felt as if she was looking for this new song for some time, she says she believes in “visualization and manifestation,” and at the risk of sounding too metaphysical she says “I do think there are certain things in my life that I think about and visualize and they just sort of happen."

"Right now I’m working with super-interesting people like Poo Bear, for example, who is just awesome," she reveals. "We had instant chemistry in the studio, we’re making really great songs… so many people that I’m thrilled to share the same air with. I know there’s a ton of music coming up and I’m really excited about it.” For fans hoping that a new full length is on the horizon, a little more waiting may be in store.

After seeing how the pandemic shifted the way music is released and promoted now, “we’ve learned to seize the moment, seize the day,” Shakira says. “I feel that in a way it has changed us all, that we have to live in the present and that’s what I’m doing musically, artistically. Whatever comes up, if I feel good about it, I just want to share it. I want that instant gratification, I don’t want to wait for me to get in the studio for two years and prepare an album because then we’ll never be able to share that music because I take forever in the studio. I’m so perfectionist and I get into a level of detail that at some point could be tedious for everybody around me and for even myself. So, it’s just better to be like, ‘I got a great song, this is it. Let’s just go for it, make a video, and put it out there to the world. Then, when you least realize it, you have a whole album. At least, that’s my plans for now.”

“Now artists have the freedom to play a little bit more, and also make mistakes,” Shakira says. “If you put out music and you show people which kind of moment you’re going through, and if they [identify] then they embark with you on that journey. If not, you’ll find other people who will do that with you. It feels really liberating.”

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