Watch The Weeknd lose his head in gory new 'Too Late' video

Sex, gore and plastic surgery make for a delicious video romp

The Weeknd might have picked the perfect time to lose one’s head in his latest music video for “Too Late.” The video might even help him get aHEAD in the music industry. It was a real head strong performance. Who knows? With enough talent he may become the head of a major corporation.

We’ll spare you the 37 remaining “head” puns and dive into the singer’s latest gore drenched expression. Viewers meet two women driving home, post op from unspecified plastic surgery. While lavishing each other in compliments they stop the car at the sight of The Weeknd’s cleanly severed head laying mute in the middle of the road.

Both women leave the car to ogle at the orifice only to exclaim “Oh, my God… He is so hot!” The next four minutes follow the women’s insatiable appetite for sex and violence. Scenes include a mail order stripper, throat slashing, amateur head re-assignment surgery and some semi-X-rated footage that may be NSFW.

We suggest watching the video to its entirety. Don’t quit while you’re a-HEAD (OK, we promise that’s the last head pun).

Fans reacted to the singer’s latest music video with appropriate shock:

2020 has been a year of experimentation for the pop star. He and Calvin Harris recently took fans away from quarantine boredom and on a psychedelic joyride for the video “Over Now.” The funky R&B hook is a river of rhythm, flowing through the video’s chromatic colored cityscape, sky burning with stokes of crimson blush. It’s woke.

The Weeknd also created a stir with is appearance at the 2020 VMAs, sporting a bloody nose and bruises as he took home two awards for Video of the Year and Best R&B.

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