We 'Wonder' what your favorite new Shawn Mendes song is: Fans weigh in

The reviews are in and fans can't get enough of Shawn's new album
Shawn Mendes
Photo credit Max Sharp/ Courier Journa

Shawn Mendes’ long awaited fourth studio album Wonder has finally hit the web after an extensive promotional campaign, and most fans of the Vine-born superstar like what they hear.

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Most Mendes stans admire the work’s second track “Wonder,” but many are just basking in the sonic glow that is Shawn-ness:

Wonder is a return to a more simplistic sound. Shawn’s voice regularly stands alone on most tracks, backed up half-way through by dream pop harmonies and stylistic piano breaks.

There’s low tempo, electronica vibe that plays well on tracks like “Teach Me How To Love.” It’s a far cry from his self-titled 2019 album. This current work is more introspective.

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Listen close enough and you can hear Mendes’ love for girlfriend Camila Cabello in the lyrics. Take for example this cut from “Look Up At The Stars.” You can almost see the couple laying with each other. “Look up at the stars / They’re like pieces of art / Floating above the ground / You know we could fly so far / The universe is ours / And I’m not gonna let you down.”

Cabello recently shared a spicy pic to Instagram featuring her and Mendes locking lips with an impassioned caption about their love. “It’s not just the happy blissful moments you see in pictures and videos - When you’re in a relationship with someone, it feels like they are this mirror reflecting yourself back to you,” Camila reveals about their relationship.

They made their love even more public and perfect in Shawn’s new Netflix documentary, conceptually related to his new album, In Wonder.

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