Why Lady Gaga Offered to Be Billie Eilish's Mentor

We feel like these two would be awesome BFFs

In a new interview, Lady Gaga spoke about offering her services as mentor to Billie Eilish after coming to terms that she herself had never truly found a trusty female companion in the music industry.

Gaga, now 34-years-old, said she sent Billie - who had just celebrated her 18th birthday - flowers along with a note of encouragement after the she picked up all the GRAMMYs back in January.

“Billie swept a whole bunch of awards so I said, ‘Let’s send some flowers.' I wrote her a note. For me, it’s healing because it hurt me that I didn’t get that. I’m going to be that for someone else,” Gaga told Apple Music.

“I’ve had a harder time with older women in terms of having a female mentor. Other than Celine Dion and Carole King, it’s proven difficult to have someone who would show me the way. So, I really hope that young female artists – or young artists of any gender identity or sexual identity – will know that I am rooting for them,” she explained.

Gaga recently spoke about the person who did find a way to challenge her throughout her own career, revealing that singer Elton John has been "instrumental" in her life.

“He’s been my mentor for a long time,” she told Zane Lowe. “I mean, he’s always challenged me to keep my head above water and it’s something that I always appreciate is that he knows when I’m down. He just does. And he knows because I hide, because I never want anyone to see me when I’m like that.”

Lady Gaga released her sixth album Chromatica last month after some delay, while Billie Eilish was forced along with the rest of the industry to pause her 2020 world tour amid the current pandemic. In the meantime, both women have been hard at work using their platforms to call for social justice and gender inequality reforms.

We feel like these two would be awesome BFFs.

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