Why Nick Jonas Is the Perfect Coach for 'The Voice'

The “Sucker” singer is joining the show’s 18th season
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas attend the John Varvatos Villa One Tequila Launch Party
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“I’m not sure that you’re even old enough to be a coach on The Voice,” Blake Shelton said with concern, during a clip shown on Ellen. “But I’m certain that you’re gonna get your butt kicked buddy.”

The youngest Jonas Brothers singer will be joining The Voice for their upcoming 18th season, filling the role vacated by Adam Levine, and temporarily filled by Gwen Stefani. The news was revealed for him during a stop by Ellen DeGeneres’ show, set to air on Tuesday.

“The cats out of the bag,” Jonas smiled, after Ellen aired video of Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, and John Legend all welcoming him to the show. “I am so excited about this.”

“Just to be clear, Blake I’m gonna kick your ass.”

Jonas is a perfect judge for the singing show, having started at a young age with experience navigating all the early hurdles of the industry. He knows what it’s like to be on top, to sit on the sidelines, and to ultimately rebuild to chart-topping success.

“In addition to the competitive spirit, which will be natural because I’m very competitive, I think I’m actually looking forward to really trying to help any artist that comes on the show and wants to grow,” Nick explained. “As weird as it is, Blake, that I’m so young – it’s exciting to have had a now 20 year career.”

“He’s what 69, 70?” jokes Ellen about her friend Blake Shelton.

The host then surprises Nick with one of her trademark scares, as a man jumps out of the box beside him, preparing him for the joys of live TV. “That brought me a lot of joy,” Kevin Jonas laughed.

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