Black Eyed Peas' is making facemasks complete with noise-cancelling headphones

I gotta feeling... you're considering picking one up of the Black Eyed Peas
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While the coronavirus has been the bane of all our existences over the past year, we're not sure looking like Bane from the D.C. comics universe is the solution. Although, we see no problem with this either...

Black Eyed Peas frontman and purveyor of all things cool, with help from N95 mask manufacturer Honeywell, is looking to hook up hypebeast consumers with a $299 facemask that comes complete with noise-canceling headphones.

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While some states are dropping their mask-wearing requirements, is betting his Xupermask (pronounced super mask) launching later this week will be a big hit for those who plan on riding out the pandemic as safely as possible, for as long as it takes. That means once again looking fresh, my friends.

The new mask comes with Honeywell's HEPA ventilation filters which are designed for consumer use, not medical. The stylish face covering also features Bluetooth tech, an earbud docking system, and fancy flashing lights to dazzle and amaze your local pharmacist while receiving your vaccine.

Will's rechargeable Xupermask will be sold directly via web orders for now, with thoughts of retail placement still in the early stages. Will you be picking up one for yourself? I gotta feeling you're considering it...

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