Zara Larsson and Sabrina Carpenter are tantalizing and totally long distance for the ‘WOW' video

Zara is serving us all the heat

Zara Larsson and Sabrina Carpenter really have us saying "WOW" with the debut of their new COVID-friendly music video for their remix of Zara’s single "WOW."

As Zara sings out the line “baby I’m not even in a gown / I’m just in a t-shirt on the couch” the lyrics are emblematic for this music video’s simple yet bewitching qualities. The spacey, galactic, and minimalist visuals employed throughout the piece make Larsson the main focus in the best way possible.

Just like we saw in Zara’s “Love Me Land” video, the artist is relying on a newfound sense of maturity and sexuality to evoke an alluring mood in her visuals and her sound. The sense of strength that both Zara and Sabrina demonstrate in the video feels like a direct jab at the patriarchal standards that women regularly face.

Clad in bedazzled, customized, PVC - Larsson is reminding us that she can make you say “oh my god” just by being the powerhouse stunner that she is.

Zara’s sophomore album Poster Girl is due out later this year. Already full of bops, listeners can expect Larsson to take us to new moody, sensual, and pop-centric dimensions.

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