Real recognizes real: Anthrax star shows off new Van Halen tattoo

'He was the One that revolutionized guitar playing'

Over the weekend, as music fans the world over continued to deal with the loss of guitar great Eddie Van Halen, Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante had an idea.

When news first broke of the Van Halen guitarist’s passing, Benante shared his respect and love for the icon on Twitter.

"I often said that He was the One that revolutionized guitar playing," said Charlie. After Eddie, he continued, "most guitar players started to sound like him. He was so percussive and he made mistakes sound correct (tho he never made one) Our hero's are all leaving and I hate it!!!"

On Sunday, Benante posted two new Instagram snaps of himself in the chair at Electric Tattoo Parlor in Carpentersville, IL getting the iconic VH logo inked on his right bicep.

"When you wake up with an idea and your friend (Billy Raike) says ' let's do it'," Charlie captioned the post showing both he and Raike with big smiles as the artist does his work.

Eddie Van Halen passed away at the age of 65 surrounded by his wife Janie, son Wolfgang, and brother Alex on October 6 at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica, California from complications due to cancer.

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