FANDEMIC: Corey Taylor Discusses His Solo Album That Was Years in the Making

CMFT is out everywhere on October 2.

Corey Taylor has been a musician for decades now, but will be releasing his first solo album this October.

The highly-anticipated debut record from Taylor has been years in the making. CMFT will arrive on October 2 and will feature 12 songs. He celebrated the announcement of his album with the release of two songs from the record, “Black Eyes Blue” and “CMFT Must Be Stopped.”

Taylor joined RADIO.COM for an exclusive Fandemic answering a wide-variety of questions from fans. On the heels of his new solo album CMFT, Taylor discussed why it sounds nothing like his work with Stone Sour and Slipknot.

“These songs are all songs I’ve had over the years, some going back 15-20 years,” he explained.

“The reason I had these songs sitting around is because it didn’t fit either band. It made more sense to use these songs for the solo thing.”

Once the album comes out, fans will see why it’s music that’s deservedly unique to Taylor. The record is a product of various genres that have influenced him. "There is tons of cool stuff on this album,” he said.

“There’s rockabilly country, punk, 80’s glam rock, hardcore punk, hints of jazz, so many different things because there’s so many different types of music I like to listen to.”

When asked to describe the overall feeling of the album, Taylor said it was “fun.”

“It’s a party album you put on and listen to and feel good about music,” he added.

His first single “CMFT Must Be Stopped” is a reflection of this. It also shows the vast network of musicians and artists that support Taylor. The music video features a host of guest appearances from Taylor’s friends, acquaintances, and people who were fans of his work.

The best part of the video? He kept it in the family. His wife was responsible for choreographing the fire dancing with her troupe The Cherry Bombs, something that Taylor said came about a week before they shot the video.

His son also make a cameo in the video, something that Taylor says “made my day.”

His son filmed his own portions and would periodically send it over to Taylor. “He snuck into an abandoned house over by where he lives and kept sending me videos of him hitting stuff with a pipe,” Taylor said with a laugh.

CMFT is out everywhere on October 2.

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