Donald Trump Thinks This Guns N' Roses Classic Is 'Greatest Music Video of All Time'

GNR frontman Axl Rose is a frequent critic of the Trump administration

Donald Trump is apparently a huge fan of Guns N’ Roses.

White House reporter Jennifer Jacobs uncovered this bit of information in former press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ recently published book Speaking for Myself: Faith, Freedom and the Fight of Our Lives Inside the Trump White House.

Jacobs shared a passage from the book about the President’s fondness for Guns N’ Roses, specifically their song “November Rain.”

In the book Sanders writes that in early 2018 she and former White House Communications Director Hope Hicks had met with Trump when he revealed his love of the song.

"The president told Hope and me in the Oval he wanted the classic Guns N' Roses song 'November Rain' added to his rally playlist. He told us it was the 'greatest music video of all time,' and made us watch it to prove his point, even though neither of us had disagreed."

The song comes from GNR’s 1991 album Use Your Illusion I and has the distinction of being the longest song to be included on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with a peak position of number three.

Admittedly, the music video is indeed epic as the power ballad stretches out over nine minutes long. As of writing, it currently has over 1.43 billion views on YouTube.

The news may come as a surprise since GNR frontman Axl Rose is a frequent critic of the President and his administration.

Rose has blasted Trump in the past for using Guns N’ Roses music during rallies and other events. Rose has formally requested GNR’s music not be used at Trump rallies or associated Trump events.

Despite Rose’s request, “November Rain” played at a recent Trump campaign rally in Michigan.

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