EXCLUSIVE: Ozzy Osbourne on Meeting Post Malone and Writing His Best Stuff on 'Ordinary Man'

The first album in 10 years from the Prince of Darkness has arrived

“Somebody said, which is quite true, ‘we always write out best stuff when we’re unhappy.’ Believe me these last 12 months I’ve been very unhappy with this injury,” Ozzy Osbourne admits to RADIO.COM. Inside the icon’s home, the Prince of Darkness tells us he is ready. Ready to return to the fans, ready to put his health concerns behind him, and ready to reveal to the world his new album, Ordinary Man.

“I’m getting better slowly but surely.”

The best stuff from Osbourne came along accidentally according to Ozzy, who turned a feature on a Post Malone song into his first new LP in nearly 10 years. Working with producer Andrew Watt, Osbourne followed him into a new creative process which he credits with saving his life. “We wrote a bunch a songs, and it was just effortless,” he says in the exclusive interview above.

After a rough year of illness and injury, Ozzy used the recording of the album as an excuse to get up and get moving, recharged by new music. It started with the title track, “Ordinary Man,” which includes Elton John.

“I’ve known Elton for many many years,” Ozzy explains.

But does he remember when they first met? “No” he erupts with laughter.

“I was talking to Sharon and I said, can we get Elton to sing on it? And she said, ‘well you can only ask.’ I asked and he said ‘sure’” he says with surprise.

Elton is one of the many major artists that lend their talent to Ordinary Man, with Duff McKagan and Slash of Guns N’ Roses, Tom Morello, Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Post Malone also adding to the new chapter for Osbourne. The relationship with Post Malone in particular is much newer and different for Ozzy. “I’d never heard of Post Malone,” he shouts as we ask if he has always been a fan. “I didn’t even know who he was. I said, ‘what kind of a name is Post Malone?’”

He might not have been to start, but he certainly seems to be a fan now.

“I met him, and to look at you just go ‘hmmm,’” he says with a judging, almost sassy look. “But then when you get to talk to him he’s a great great guy. Very talented guy.”

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Posty makes two appearance on Ordinary Man, helping to make it one of the biggest Rock albums of the year, and the return to the top that Ozzy deserves.

Check out the full video above for more from Ozzy Osbourne. Ordinary Man is out everywhere on Friday February 21.

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