Even GWAR Is Social Distancing, but the Band Still Wants to Kill You

The metal group checks in with CNN

The coronavirus crisis has changed the life of everyone around the world, even those not originally from here. The interplanetary warriors and heavy metal icons in GWAR are also taking COVID-19 seriously, practicing social distancing and plotting to end you once this whole thing is over.

On a mission to cover every angle of the story, CNN tracked down GWAR guitarist Pustulus Maximus, self-isolated in a leafy, green Antarctica.

“As you can see, I’m just kind of sitting here in my Antarctican fortress,” he explains as the trees branch out behind him. “This might not look like Antarctica - take a look around, it’s very green - but I swear to you, six months ago, this was all frozen tundra.”

The band from Richmond, VA – or rather, space – is taking a break from searing riffs and on-stage mutilations, opting to stay safe and healthy during this pandemic. They’re working from home, doing their part to flatten the curve.

“They’re doing stuff, I guess,” Pustulus says of his band. “Working on music. I mean, I’m not gonna learn any of it. You know, that just gets in the way of my stuff.”

In a rare moment of compassion from the members of GWAR, the band wishes us all well during this time of uncertainty. They’ve been putting in work to end humanity since 1988, and they’re not going to let some virus come in and do the job.

“Once this is all over, we want to kill you up close,” says another member of the group. “We like it personal. We don’t want a pandemic to take you guys out. We need to work too, and that’s our job.”

You can see more from the members of GWAR in the full video from CNN above.

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