Here's Why Metallica Will Be Featured in a Disney Movie

A family friendly twist on the 1991 metal rock classic

Metallica will provide a symphonic version of their classic track “Nothing Else Matters” to the latest upcoming Disney movie Jungle Cruise.

Drummer Lars Ulrich told Collider the group is working with composer James Newton Howard on an orchestral version of the 1991 classic. “James Newton Howard, the man, the myth, the absolute legend! Considering what he’s done, it’s an absolute honor to have done this with him, and we’re excited for the world to hear it,” he said.

The collaboration between Disney and Metallica’s differing styles is interesting, to say the least. But Ulrich says the band’s relationship with the company goes back to personal connections. “It really goes back to [Disney production president] Sean Bailey, who is a lifelong rock fan, and is just all-around one of the greatest, most friendly, generous, warm, and embracing people you’ll find in the music business.”

This isn’t Metallica’s first foray in genre-bending sound. Last year, the group celebrated the 20th anniversary of their iconic live album S&M, playing alongside the San Francisco Symphony at the Chase Center in San Francisco, CA.

Considering all factors, Ulrich says this is a perfect collaboration. “This was the right fit, with Sean leading the cavalry, and with James Newton Howard and his track record, and what he’s done.”

Speaking of unique pairs… Scientists recently named a newly discovered species of venomous African bush viper after frontman James Hetfield. The snake measures up to 52 cm long and inhabits the Bioko Island in Equatorial Guinea.

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