Is Metallica the First Band to Create a Whiskey Box Set?

Watch Lars unbox the limited edition set below

Having your own band is old hat. Having your own band that has it's own alcohol brand - that's the new hotness. Since Iron Maiden's first brew of their TROOPER beer the niche market has seen the likes of the Hanson boys' Mmm Hops sold on the shelf right next to Marilyn Manson's Absinthe Mansinthe.

Metallica (honestly the one band that should have put their own whiskey in a jar a long, long time ago - the band's name is a mashup of metal and liquor) released their Blackened American Whiskey back in 2018 with the help of Dave Pickerell, considered one of the founding fathers of craft whiskey making.

What makes the spirit special for 'Tallica fans is the aging process, which includes broadcasting low-frequency sound waves of the band's songs into the distillery, with each run of 5,000 bottles getting it's own unique playlist.

Now the band is taking it a step further, collecting picture discs, a special magazine, guitar picks, stickers, and more in a "Batch 100" box set for fans.

Distiller and blender Rob Dietrich and Metallica's Lars Ulrich partnered together to work on the special "Batch 100" playlist with the drummer pleasantly surprised at Dietrich's choices. "When I look at Rob’s playlist, I love the selections, I love the variety. I love that he’s gone for two deeper live tracks from the 'Damaged Justice' tour, I love seeing both the 'Binge & Purge' and 'Through the Never' eras represented, and he even tapped the 'Helping Hands' album, so it’s clear he is not a part-timer!"

Watch Lars unbox the limited edition set below.

For more info and to pick up your "Batch 100" box set, visit the Blackened Whiskey website.

The Metallica boys have been keeping quite busy during quarantine amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The band recently announced the month of May as their All Within My Hands charity's "month of giving," and even cooked up an at-home version of their 1988 And Justice For All... album opener "Blackened."

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