Korn Crushes Country Cover of Charlie Daniels Band's 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia'

The band's latest track hopes to help a nonprofit

Korn joins a growing list of artists to cover the 1979 country classic "The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” It’s the band’s latest release and it's for a good cause.

There’s a lot that makes this cover of The Charlie Daniels Band classic different from other attempts. Korn used a haunting duo of ripping guitars creating a quasi-Country sound that could only come from the mind of frontman Jonathan Davis. He says it’s a tribute to the late Charlie Daniels, who died July 6 at the age of 83.

"I've always said it, but Country music is some of the darkest ever," said Davis.
"Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, and, of course, Charlie Daniels all turned pain into some really powerful music that sounded alive. 'The Devil Went Down To Georgia' is a classic story, and we wanted to release it now to help others in need."

You can purchase a digital download of the track for just $2. All proceeds will be donated to Awakening Youth, a nonprofit organization devoted to young people faced with the loss of a parent due to divorce, addiction, death and other reasons.

The organization played a big role in the band’s 2018 documentary LOUD KRAZY LOVE, detailing Korn’s journey to stardom and co-founder Brian “Head” Welch’s struggle with substance abuse.

Like most bands, Korn has been grounded from touring due to the coronavirus pandemic. They recently announced postponed performance dates for 2021, including the French rock/metal festival Hellfest. Check out the full list of their 2021 shows here.

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