Why Lars Ulrich Is 'Not Sold on the Idea' of a Metallica Biopic

The drummer worries the group's story will be distorted

During an interview with Collider, Lars Ulrich pumped the breaks on production ideas for a Metallica biopic in the near future.

"The biopic thing, I think that's more of a cautionary tale, which kind of falls in under the whole thing with autobiographies. I'm not sold on the idea," the drummer told the Collider, this week.

Metallica’s nearly 40 year journey to rock superstardom bleeds success, loss and controversy. Ulrich questions if movie producers could provide accurate clarity to the group’s story. "And to be 100 percent truthful, it's hard to tell the stories without bringing other people into it, and then you sort of get into that whole thing where maybe the protagonist in that particular story wouldn't want the story told.”

The band’s formation in 1981 filled a rock metal void during a time of flamboyant costumes, power ballads and stage fireworks. Their 1986 breakthrough album, Master of Puppets, introduced listeners to a unique brand of thrash metal. But it was that same year the group was met with tragedy, after bassist Cliff Burton died in a tour bus crash while promoting the album.

Regardless, the legendary drummer acknowledged his desire to see Metallica’s history retold on the silver screen, with discretion. "I guess somewhere I'm just kind of a stickler for the truth, for some reason, so if you're not gonna tell the truth, then maybe you shouldn't say anything at all. That's where it gets a little complicated for me, but let's see how it plays out."

More recently, the group signed on to provide a symphonic version of their track “Nothing Else Matters” to the latest upcoming Disney movie Jungle Cruise.

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